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  • Jamie Bone Memorial Award - $500

    Students must apply for the award. Applications to include a biography, a summary of previous education and an outline of experience relating to the criteria. Applications will be reviewed by... More >

  • Peter Gzowski Memorial Scholarship - $1,500

    For a student who will be graduating or has graduated from a program at Adult and Community Education or another recognized basic education program and has been accepted to a... More >

  • Samuel Holland Entrance Scholarships - $3,000

    Must have been accepted into a Holland College program. For a student who is graduating or has graduated from an Adult and Community Education program or other recognized basic education... More >

  • The Culinary Institute of Canada's Applied Degree in Culinary Operations Entrance Scholarship - $3,000

    Students must be accepted into the Applied Degree in Culinary Operations program. Students must submit a Transcript of Marks from their previous two-year Culinary Arts program or from their most... More >

  • Wright Family Scholarship - $1,000

    Awarded to a student accepted in the Carpentry, Plumbing or Electrical Technology program who, on admission to the program, demonstrates through previous academic performance and other aspects of the recruitment... More >


    The University of British Columbia offers up to 4 awards at $5,000 each to outstanding students entering undergraduate programs from a college or university other than UBC. The awards are... More >


    Scholarships are offered to outstanding students entering the Faculties of Science, Applied Science (Engineering), Forestry, Pharmaceutical Sciences or Land and Food Systems from a college or university other than UBC.... More >


    To honour the memory of Ada J. Mouncey, founder and for many years Director of Shurpass Pacific College (now Columbia College) and to pay tribute to her generosity and devotion... More >

  • President's Entrance Scholarships - $4,000

    To be eligible, you must be entering studies at UBC from a high school, college, university, or technical institute. Please note that if you have attended UBC previously, you are... More >

  • FACULTY Women's Club Margaret MacKenzie Scholarship - $1,350

    A scholarship of $1350 has been endowed by the Faculty Women's Club of the University of British Columbia in honour of Margaret MacKenzie who, along with her late husband Norman... More >

  • FERGUSON Scholarship - $275

    A scholarship of $275 has been endowed by Dr. Rodney Poisson, M.A. '39 and Mrs. Poisson, M.A. '39 to honour the memory of her parents, the Reverend T.J.S. Ferguson and... More >

  • YATES Memorial Scholarship - $1,500

    Scholarships totaling $1500 have been endowed through a bequest from Nora Yates as a memorial to her son, Frederick H.L. Yates. The awards, known as Yates Memorial Awards, are made... More >

  • Chan Fong Gan AU Memorial Bursary - $450

    Two bursaries of $450 each have been endowed by K. Tong Au and family in honour of his mother, Chan Fong Gan Au. One award is made to a student... More >

  • Sperry PHILLIPS Memorial Bursary - $550

    A $550 bursary, endowed by the Sigma Tau Upsilon fraternity and by friends and associates of the late Sperry S. Phillips (B.S.A., UBC, 1923), who prior to his untimely death... More >