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Carrie and Ralph Wright Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Value $39,000

Number of Scholarships 1

Program of Study

Foundation Year Program


  • All applicants
  • Demonstrated academic excellence

High School Grades


Annual Value

  • $12,000 (year 1)
  • $9,000 (year 2, 3, and 4)


Yes—Remain in scholarship standing


4 years

Number Available


Deadline to Apply

March 1, 11:59 p.m. AST

Scholarships Application Required

Yes (PDF application)

Essay Required

Yes (see essay topic below)

References Required


Original essay topic for students applying to enter in September 2024

"A great thinker once said: “The only thing that anyone ever learned from history is that nobody ever learns anything from history.”

Write an essay that tries to explain what this notion might mean. It could mean many things in many different contexts, and you do not need to take up a strong agree/disagree position in your essay. What might lead a person to assert such a claim? Can you think of current or historical situations or debates that would lend weight to this claim or challenge it? Do not do any research to find out what others have said on this topic, though you may engage authors or material you’ve already studied in your discussion if this helps you to develop your own thinking. The strongest papers will show evidence of creative thinking, and express ideas in clear, structured, and interesting ways.